Congratulations, Carole Halpin, FLMI, FALU!
Our 2017/2018 RWA Winner

Carole is an Underwriting Consultant for IBU, Inc. and attended the AHOU meeting in Chicago, IL.  She has served on the Hartford-Springfield Underwriting Association Executive Board and has been an NEHOUA Presenter and member of the Program Committee.

In Carole’s words: 

The Rick Weaver Award is especially meaningful to me because Rick was my mentor at Connecticut Mutual. He taught me so much about Underwriting and life in general. Rick groomed me to become a Technical Underwriting Officer and inspired me to complete my FLMI and FALU designations. Attending Underwriting and the Winds of Change Conference allowed me to exchange ideas with underwriters from other companies and keep up with the latest in industry trends, techniques, and best practices.

Top Take-Aways from Conference:

  1. Currently, life expectancy is flat to decreasing due to the increase in accidental poisoning.
  2. Cardiovascular and cancer deaths represent over 39% of all life claims and over 54% of early duration claims (2017 EDC Survey).
  3. Pulse pressure, the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure, is being used more widely as a cardiovascular risk marker.
  4. E-signature fraud can be detected through IP and e-mail address tracking. A good resource to look up IP addresses is Commission payout and back-end audits via attending physician statements are also useful tools to detect fraud.
  5. The drug metformin contains properties which appear to slow the aging process.

Many thanks to NEHOUA for allowing me this awesome opportunity.