Congratulations, Melissa Witt!
Our 2015/2016 RWA Winner

Melissa attended the AHOU meeting in Orlando, FL and was also awarded her FALU. Congratulations Melissa!

In Melissa’s words: 

“I am so thankful that I was selected as the Rick Weaver award recipient for the 2016 AHOU Conference.    Because I was in attendance, I was able to be presented with my FALU commemorative globe for obtaining this designation in 2015.   This was just the start to a fantastic meeting of many individuals in the underwriting and medical fields as well as many companies that provide supportive services for our profession.

Here are my top ‘TAKE AWAY’ 2016 AHOU moments.

  1. NT-pro BNP test results are not due to valve disease in an applicant with a history of prosthetic valve replacement (the valve is not tissue – it does not produce any cardiac enzyme).
  2. Many doctors do not use standard DSM-5 criteria when assessing a mental health condition – take into account the situation, symptoms, and suicide history not just the diagnosis.
  3. In a study done by LexisNexis: 77% of applicants were UNTRUTHFUL in regards to their MVR history.
  4. Knowing one’s genetic makeup can be a good thing. Personalized/Targeted treatments are the wave of the future – 13 of 45 new drugs FDA approved in 2015 were ‘personalized medicines’.
  5. Many activities can be automated but final case decisions will require the underwriter to apply their medical knowledge, risk assessment, and decision making skill sets.

If you have a chance to attend any national, international, or regional home office underwriting association meeting – GO!  One last item – in your spare time, Google Jack Andraka; you will be impressed.”